wtorek, 16 sierpnia 2016

Download Pokebuster v1.0 - catch all pokemons

Do you want to catch all pokemons? This is the right bot for you. With awseome features you can catch them all before any other player:

Pokemon catching:

Automatic Pokemon catching, with excellent throws and reactive AI based on each encounter. Raspberries and PokeBall usage is determined on-the-fly, to ensure you aren’t wasting those hard-earned items on Rattatas. Now with support for wild and lured Pokemon!

PokeStop Farming:

Grabbing PokeStops made efficient by using shortest path logic to determine the quickest route. Pokemon are automatically caught along the way, ensuring the quickest experience per hour while staying topped up on items

Human walking:

PokeBuster capitalizes on emulating a human-like experience to hide from prying eyes. Features such as customizable delays and human-like walking at any speed make detection that much harder, and softbans a thing of the past.


Custom routes, egg hatching, incense, lures, evolving, tranferring, and lucky eggs. Bot exactly how you like with PokeBuster’s large list of features and highly customizable settings.